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Updated: May 24

We started diving education in Cebu in 2001 and are an internationally recognized diving education institution that produces more than 1,000 divers every year.

You can experience world-class diving training here, and you can experience education from various training agencie in the Cebu Philippines .

It will be a lifetime experience to interact with SCUBA DIVING trainees from all over the world and experience the beautiful Philippine sea.

You can feel the soft sea breeze and talk about delicious food and fun with your friends, the joy becomes greater.

A rest area where you can finish the afternoon comfortably with a cool drink. Of course, it is a good way to experience the night culture of Cebu.

Relieve the fatigue of the day in a comfortable bed for tomorrow. The room is reserved for a double room.

Training is the education of organizations recognized as the best diver training in the world, and you can experience the highest level of training.

I hope you don't hesitate to contact me with a comfortable mind.

You'll get the answer you want.

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