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Updated: May 24

The Philippines is currently making its own path in the world of scuba diving. The beautiful island of Cebu is also known when it comes to scuba diving as it can surely boast spectacular and unique diving spots. In addition, Cebu will offer you thousands of fish, crustaceans, sharks and other sea creatures calling its shores home. Whether you’re a first-time diver or a seasoned professional Scuba Diving Cebu is your next adventure must have!

Mactan is popular for quality shore dives and also the Marigondon Cave. With Olango close by, most dive operators will bring divers there as well but because of the stronger currents, it calls for divers with experience. Bantayan is slightly less popular to dive, but it does have healthy coral gardens to explore. Moalboal is famous for seeing mighty schools of sardines, which can been seen year-round.

Malapascua is the standout diving destination in Cebu. The highlight of this island is the thresher shark dives in Monad Shoal, which are easy to do and almost always rewarding. Besides that, head to the nearby Gato Island which features a 100ft (30m) tunnel. Another highlight dive is at Kimud Shoal, where you might see schooling hammerhead sharks in April.

Talima – This reef and wall dive is a firm favorite of many Cebu divers due to the healthy, vibrant corals and abundant fish life. Look out for groupers, oriental sweetlips, schooling batfish, jacks and snappers. The remains of the small wreck are teeming with marine life.

Nalusuan Island – This marine protected area offers world-class corals, a colorful shallow reef top and a steep slope. The biodiversity is impressive with schooling snappers, trevally, grouper and barracuda as well as a plethora of reef fish. Look out for stingrays, passing sea turtles and even a mermaid statue. This is a stunning dive from start to safety stop.

Hilutongan Island – Kaleidoscopic corals, incredible fish biomass, turtles, schooling giant trevally, snapper, jacks and sweetlips are all highlights of this marine sanctuary dive site. The colorful topography, clear waters and calm conditions make this site suitable for all divers and a must for wide-angle photographers.

Pescador Island - Located in Moalboal, in Cebu’s south-west, this protected marine park is one of the most famous dive spots in the area for good reasons. Underwater, this small island is a diver’s playground with tunnels, caverns and swim through. Fish life is abundant here and you’ll find white tip reef sharks, schooling barracudas, sardines, jacks and occasional thresher sharks. The diversity and mass of reef fish is breathtaking.

Kansantik reaching an astonishing depth of more than 600 metres, this marine sanctuary off Cebu’s west coast is best known for its abundance of sardines, which surround divers in schools of more than 1000. Also home to a kaleidoscopic collection of anemones, corals, lionfish and more, there is plenty to discover at Pescador Island.

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