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CNC Scuba Academy / About US / Cebu City Philippines

CNC Scuba Academy is created to provide the best education with the highest standard for diving training. The company was born to serve more clients especially the locals and the English Speaking countries as they visit the Queen of the South, Cebu. The company encourages everyone to discover an adventure behind every rock, amongst the sea creatures, around every reef, and amidst the waves. There is no stopping anyone who wants to learn and enjoy diving – as it is said, “Diving is being in the space surrounded by blue”.


The company aims to be one of the pioneers that will shift the paradigm of scuba diving in the Philippines. The country has a lot of natural resources and is rich with beautiful islands it only takes a courage and a jump to see these wonders. We also aim to strengthen the presence of diving in Cebu so that people will learn to appreciate our oceans and will be encouraged to take good care of them.

The concept of education here at CNC Scuba Academy is being with the students. There’s always an opportunity to learn – as our team shares their relentless enthusiasm and knowledge to our clients, we also gain experiences and new learning from them. Our teaching method is teaching you kindly from the standpoint of the trainee so that everyone can easily understand.


Here at CNC Scuba Academy, we guarantee that all courses are internationally accredited with a professional instructor and regular diving courses. The management service after the completion of the training is also the best in the industry. Safety is our top priority and we educate our beloved clients with diligence and comprehensive training for non-divers is also available. You can be sure that you can be a great diver with the right education, which is served to you here at CNC Scuba Academy.  

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