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CEBU is one of the great cities of the Philippines – it is also known as “The Queen City of The South”. Cebu has a lot to offer from its delicious foods to its breath-taking beaches. A lot of tourists from all around the world are now discovering Cebu’s great offerings like the Oslob’s Whale Shark Watching, Lapu-Lapu City’s Scuba Diving spots and Island Hopping in all its beaches. Cebu is also rich in culture being named as one of the oldest city in the Philippines; you can also see how great the place’s culture is from its churches to its monuments. The great thing about Cebu is that no matter where you choose to stay you have access in different malls, restaurants, attractions and islands! Cebu is the place to be!

Discover the BEST of Cebu


Cebu offers the palpable foods from delicacies to your all-time favorite. They take pride in their Lechon, Poso, Bibingka, BudBud, Barbecue, SeaFoods and More!

Popular places to VISIT


del santo nino

Basilica Del Santo Nino is the representation of faith for most of the Cebuanos. Their patron is the Santo Nino and they celebrate its festival which is known as Sinulog every 20th of January.


Surrounded by waters with its 7,107 islands, the Philippines has been undeniably blessed with rich marine life, white sand beaches, and protected underwater creatures. One of the best places to go scuba diving is the island of Mactan in Cebu which is making a name as one of the best diving spots in the country. With the beautiful marine life of Mactan – CNC Scuba Academy has put all its efforts to provide the best scuba diving education and training for people to enjoy the beauty beyond. To take a glimpse at how we do it in CNC Scuba Academy take a look at our video production that will serve as your overview to know us more. 


Make the best out of your Scuba Diving Training and/or Fun Diving with CNC Scuba Academy by visiting nearby attractions located in Lapu-Lapu City Cebu. The town itself is known for its rich history, public markets, great destinations, and many more. It is named after the hero Lapu-Lapu who was a ruler of Mactan, he suppress Spanish Colonization and defeated Magellan. He protected the faith of the native Filipinos and protected them. The Battle of Mactan that happened at dawn on April 27, 1521 is the treasured history of Lapu-Lapu City. 


Dedicated to the first Philippine hero who resisted the Spanish colonization, Lapu Lapu Statue commemorates the nation's fight for independence. Ironically overlooking Magellan's monument, the 20 m (65.5 ft) high bronze statue stands on a white brick pillar and portrays the Visayan chieftain in traditional garb, holding a machete and shield. Explore the surrounding exotic forest and its shrines, breathe in the salty ocean air, and cap off your visit with a stop at the surrounding shops to buy souvenirs. 

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