Professional Association of Diving Instructors

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PADI provides the best education there is when it comes to scuba diving. Their years of research and knowledge is add up to our own expertise to provide you the most comprehensive diving curriculum today. Below are the PADI Courses that we offer - take a look at them as you are seeing your next adventure! 

Skin Diver

Learn to snorkel and skin dive! Explore the underwater world from the water.

Dicover Scuba Diving

Under direct supervision, the instructor is will dive into the sea to a shallow and safe area. Vivid colors are invited into the living, natural world and meet with the creatures of the sea for the first time.


This is a great program for kids to introduce scuba diving in a pool less than 2 meters away.

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Padi Seal Team

The PADI Seal Team is a program for young divers who want to have a fun filled, action-filled scuba aqua mission in the pool.

Padi Scuba Discovery

For everyone who would love to learn scuba diving. This course is perfect for you if it's your first time and you're eager to learn. 

Openwater Diver