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National Association of Underwater Instructor

NAUI is committed to providing the highest quality diver training available and using various methods to ensure NAUI standards are met whenever an instruction is conducted. As part of this commitment, we actively monitor and publish recent quality assurance activities. NAUI Members are defined as NAUI certified Instructors, Divemasters, Assistant Instructors, and Skin Diving Instructors.

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Skin Diver / Junior Skin Diver

Imagine floating on a clear sea of liquid watching fishes, crustaceans, corals - everything from dolphins to dugongs face-to-face.  If this sounds like something you would love to do, then the NAUI Skin Diver or Junior Skin Diver course is for you!

Scuba Diver / Junior Scuba Diver

This is our entry-level certification course where you will learn the fundamental knowledge and skills to safety dive in open water. Earning your NAUI Scuba Diver Certification card is an accomplishment for which you will rightfully feel proud and you will be ready to begin a lifetime of underwater adventures and discovering.

Advanced Scuba Diver

Enroll in a NAUI Advanced Diver Course to explore new dive sites and undertake exclusive activities under the supervision of a NAUI Instructor. This course allows individuals to learn about specialties and diving activities of particular interest. 

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Rescue Diver

Learn how to manage risks and effectively handle limited in-water problems and diving emergencies, how to assist and transport divers, and how to perform surface rescues and rescues from depth involving both boat and shore based skin and scuba divers.

First Aid & CPR

In order to be prepared, NAUI provides training in First Aid, CPR, AED, Bloodborne Pathogens, Oxygen Administration and First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries. All training complies with the latest International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) standards.

Master Scuba Diver

Gain the in-depth knowledge and experience that will distinguish you as a leader in any diving club or group. Thrill to the adventure of open-water dives in settings that will test skills and expand your diving capabilities and experience.

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Dive Master

Many Divemasters are employed full-time or work independently supervising certified divers during club, store, resort or charter tour and travel activities. Once you gained a NAUI divemaster certification you can enjoy again and again adventures to which you introduce your clients. 



Skin Diving Instructor

NAUI Skin Diving Instructor training will enable you to join NAUI as a leadership member and independently conduct skin diving training. You can also team-teach with a NAUI Instructor, offering the skin diving portion of the Scuba Diver Course.

Assistant Instructor

As an Assistant Instructor, you will be authorized to teach all aspects of skin and scuba diving under the supervision of a NAUI Instructor. Match your time, talent and interests with the NAUI programs near you, and enjoy the adventure of personal and professional enhancement as a NAUI leader.

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NAUI Scuba Instructor

NAUI Instructors are authorized and can be approved to teach every level of diving in which they possess the training, knowledge, and experience.  If you are someone who seeks even more adventure and specialization, NAUI provides pathways to gaining Public Safety Diver, Technical and Freediving Instructor ratings.

NAUI Terminal Diver Course

Technical diving is a form of scuba diving that exceeds the typical recreational limits imposed on depth and immersion time (bottom time). Tec diving involves accelerated decompression and/ or the use of variable gas mixtures during a dive. Therefore, this advanced method of diving requires additional experience, training, and equipment.  NAUI started the Technical Diving Division in 1997 with the goal of creating a higher standard of training. 

NAUI Specialty Diver

NAUI Instructors teach a wide range of specialized type of diving ranging from the popular to the esoteric. Subject areas include rescue training, underwater photography, videography, underwater hunting, search & recovery and using gases other than air. Just about any area of underwater interest is probably taught in a NAUI Specialty course. 

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